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The story is simple:

You are a princess. 'That guy' has taken your stuff. You should most probably take it back... 

The game play is simple:

Super Weekend Mode combines  falling block games and shoot'em'ups into a fast paced arcade experience. Using only "3 buttons": COLLECT ,SHOOT, BUMP and CRUSH  your way through 7 action packed stages . Do your best to aim for the top score! 

The difficulty is simple(?):

Super Weekend Mode features a Dynamic Difficulty system. The better you perform on  a stage, the harder the following stages are. Take advantage of this to earn power-ups and score  more points! 


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Super hard! perfect rage game! the graphics are really cute too! I love this game! (also the preveiw gifs make it look super easy >.< its super hard though) I'll play some more when I get home


I really like the artstyle and music. The game has that arcade vibe that makes you want to try just one more time :)

And finally, some constructive ideas for improvements:

-The default key configuration is imo not optimal, especially for qwertz-keyboards. I would suggest (Left Paddle: F, Right Paddle: J, Shoot: Autofire or L)

-Autofire because you are literally holding the shoot-key for the entirety of the run.

-At the beginning of a new stage your position should reset. (Always both in the center, or always both on the sides)

-You may want to consider to also give the barrier powerup instead of the score powerup when one of the barriers has been hit. 

-Score maxes out very early and is usually crushed by the deaths before game over. Another digit for the score counter, no death penalty but a score bonus for every leftover life at the end seem like a good fix to me.

-There is a bug that lets you continue the game without enemies firing back. It seems to be triggered if you lose a life at the same time as clearing the stage and you do not press Revive. It is rare and fun though, so you might want to keep it ;)

-After a game over, the cursor in the menu should default to Game Start instead of Tutorial so you do not accidentally start the tutorial again.

-When you beat the game, it should tell you "The End" or "Congratulations". Opening an empty chest and freezing the game after going through all that trouble was an unsatisfying conclusion to this amazing game.

Hey thanks for the amazing feedback (and finishing the game). 

I think the game freezing at the end is a bug , i've been testing recently and it's worked 100% of the time.

I'll look into this, it might be ending specific.

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Классная игра. Управление немного неудобное, но к нему быстро привыкаешь. Мне очень понравилась. Пойдет для GPD Win.

Great game. Management is a little uncomfortable, but it quickly gets used to it. I really liked it. Will go for GPD Win.

I really want to play this but I can't get past the menu.  I can move the cursor with the arrow keys but I can't select anything.  Windows 10 Pro x64.

Game looks great!  What am I doing wrong?

Press Enter to select! 

Enter doesn't do anything.  The arrow keys are the only keys that work for me in the menu.

Hrm.  All I can suggest is re downloading it / test in compatibility mode at the moment. 

It's very very odd that you're running into this issue. I will look further into it. 

Apologies for any inconvenience!


I'll try it out.  I just posted in case others were having the same problem.   Game looks/sounds great!  I can't wait to play it!


Really enjoyed it even though it's super hard!



This game was wild. I feel lucky to get to stage 2. It was super fun to play though! And a gorgeous game at that. Happy I found this :)


This is beautiful! Has anyone tried playing this with a dance mat? It seems about perfect for that.

You're giving me ideas :D

I saw talk of a constant-fire mode. That's all it would take.


The mechanics are really simple and the artwork is really nice!

I think you're the first one to all it simple haha. 

Thanks, this means a lot to me. 


Wow, this game is really something unique.  I'm loving it!



I love your game! Everything is pretty much perfect! I want to keep playing and really "Git Gud" but I'll do that on my own time! In the mean time I hope you enjoy the video I made of it on my channel, and I sent anyone who watches it here to try your game out!


Thanks NathanBlakeGames!

It was great to see you having so much fun playing this :D


Made a video 


Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoy the game. 

It makes the time put into development feel like it's worth something!!

Loved the game would have loved to see the rest of the game but not good enough to get past the second boss and my brother wants the music from the game because he loves it. 


The music is made by this guy here: https://tandess.itch.io/  and https://wingless-seraph.net/en/material-music_8bit.html

They make Awesome royalty free Japanese video game music. 

Thank you


Nice game but when you have a non english layout on your keyboard, it's hard to play. A way to rebind Z to Y would be nice and a way to use a controller with two sticks (like the xbox 360 controller would be even better). Again, nice game with lovely graphics but unfortunately, I can't play it at this stage because of the way it controlls :(

The thought of the keyboard layout didn't even come to mind.  This should be a very short fix.  I'll post a devlog once I've implemented it. 

Apologies for the inconvenience !

And the fix has been made. It should be up within the  next  hour :D

Awesome, I'm stoked to try it again, the gfx really are lovely and the mechanics look fun!


I think this is a super cute game! One thing I wasn't quite clear on was the dust bunnies. In the tutorial I swore I could have read don't let the dust bunnies touch the floor. (which would mean don't let them fall off the screen.) I tried to shoot the dust bunnies but, when I tried to do that they still hit me and, I die. When I just try to let them fall to  the floor I also die. Not sure if this is a bug or, maybe I missed what I'm suppose to be doing with them?

Hey Raithias.  Hit them with the side of your paddle (look at the preview gif on the game page for an example!) 

I really should have mentioned they're immune to bullets too. 

Thanks again!

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I like your game a lot! But I'm really bad at it. I'm a little conflicted about the difficulty. On one hand I understand that the more I play the game the better I'll become at it. On the other, I kind of wish the different kinds of blocks were introduced over time thoughout each stage. It's a little overwhelming to get used to being able to react and act properly to each and every block. This is just my opinion and I think everyone's gonna feel a little differently about the difficulty of this game. Some players might enjoy that it throws you right into it, while others might find it fustrating. I think for me, I did find it a bit offputting at first but as I got a little better at playing, I kinda apperciate it more now. The user below me NNNIKKI shared a great video and a good point that maybe that dynamic difficulty should be kept hidden away from the player. I realize this game isn't a high budget Capcom game or anything, so I think it's fine if you want to keep that it is dynamic in the description, if anything, it shows your skills and knowledge as a developer. Anyway, I recorded my gameplay with commentary, I hope you enjoy! You made an awesome game. Keep up the excellent work!


Thanks for the feedback! 

I was a bit mean with the difficulty I must admit. I'll note it down for a possible remixed version down the line! 


I only want to say one thing: don't write that the game has a dynamic difficulty system. This video perfectly shows why:

Thanks for the feedback! This video was really helpful! 

It's something to consider in future projects (or a possible updated version of this).


I love it! Graphics are cute af and the game features a banger soundtrack!

It took me a while to get used to the gameplay, but after I got the basics down, it was awesome! I love all the little details with the animations.

If I had to complain about something, it's that shooting could have been automatic, reducing the controls to only 2 keys.


Thanks!. If I Get round to it I'll update the game (with more bosses) and a Automatic / Manual control  scheme.

That sounds like a really great idea!

Awesome to hear that! I'm looking forward to it.

Cheers from PGC London, btw.  ;)

ooh! How did the rest of the Expo go for you?


Went amazing! Got a lot of NGS-related stuff done and many of the talks were gold! Hope it was as good for you as it was for me! :)