Entry for the GMTK 2022 JAM! 

Inspired by DnD and bullet hell games.
Dice & Devils is an arcade game where you  kill heroes by collecting swords and avoid bullets spawned from exploding dice! The patterns that the bullets appear are based  on the face of the dice shown! 

Pesky Pens may also show up to restrict your movement area by drawing a dungeon around you. 

Quick Instructions:

Menu Controls :  Up and Down to Navigate , Z to select

Arrows Keys control  the character!


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The game is smooth and a lot of fun! Absolutely loved playing it! <3


Made a video


Didn't run for me on Chrome. I also tried on Firefox, but I only see the Title Screen and can't click on anything. Just letting you know.

Try clicking on the screen, then using the Up and Down Arrows to Navigate the menu. Select an option with Z!


Love it! Looks really nice and feature complete. Only critique I would have is the music is quite loud, apart from that, great work!


Thank you!  I'm happy that you enjoyed it ! Any suggestions for what you'd like to see in a "full" version? 


Perhaps rolling backgrounds/stages? Could be interesting to see environmental changes and a "journey" through different locations to fight different enemy types. Essentially a campaign mode with world bosses. Could supplement the Knight enemies for "limbs" or components to a bigger Boss enemy.
All in all, the game play loop/concept is solid so adding complexity to that system with a story and levels would be interesting for my personal preferences.
That being said, I'm just an internet stranger so take my thoughts with a heavy grain of salt! Hahaha!