Instructions (provided ingame and below)

It is recommended that you play this game in the chrome browser!!!


Objective: Defeat the patents without business frog noticing!

Controls: Hold the Mouse to make the progress bar load. Once the bar is fully loaded, it causes damage to the patents.Repeat this process 3 times to defeat a patent.

Loading the loading bar causes business frog to cycle through 3 awareness stages: Sleeping (blue) , Aware (yellow) and Alert (Red). Movement causes business frog to enter aware mode. In aware mode you can still load the bar at your own risk. From aware mode he will either return to sleep or become alert!.

Business frogs awareness cycles are activated by loading the bar when the heart shaped needle hovers over red regions displayed beneath the patent (enemy). Strategy and risk taking is the key to victory!

Each patent must be destroyed in 125 seconds or you will automatically lose!



Sound effects:

Pixel art and programming: Pixelteriyaki

Metal Gear Solid , Ms Pacman , Dragon Warrior

Music used:

By WitchChao

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TagsAction RPG, Arcade, Game Jam, JRPG, loading, Retro

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